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(I'm actually using the Gtk2 client, so technically my comment is out
of place, but I don't see a reason to fork the discussion.)

s1kevin writes:
> Rather than showing users just the population, please show us both the
> city size and population.

Me too.

My need for this is when gauging how long until I have to worry about
a growth-enabling improvement for a city. Currently, the most obvious
UI element representing city size is the row of icons representing
citizens. I can ust about cope with judging how close I am to 8
(aqueduct) by eye, but guessing how close I am to needing a sewer
system (size 12) without resorting to counting is beyond me.

The alternative is to go back and look at the map or city list or
something. This seems daft; it'd be really helpful to have the numeric
city size somewhere in the city dialog.

dmarks writes:
> But the size can be inferred from the population, can't it?

Technically, yes, but the translation is non-obvious -- it's probably
harder than the counting above.

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