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> If Bugzilla is indeed as easy to maintain as you say, I could volunteer
> to take responsibility for it.
> The question of hosting remains. AFAIK, four alternatives have been
> proposed over the years:
> freeciv.org
> sourceforge.net
> icculus.org
> seul.org
> Let's go through them:
> freeciv.org: Our own aging servers in Paul's basement. Are they up to
> the task? 
> sourceforge.net: The question was if bugzilla could run on SF.net webspace?
> icculus.org: IIRC, this was Per's contact. Status?
> seul.org: IIRC, this was Egor's contact. Status?
>  ~Daniel

Bugzilla is pretty easy to administer these days.  You can try it out on
your own system if you'd like.  The installation guide is very good and
covers Linux well as well as Windows.  It requires: A web server
(preferrably Apache), a database server (preferrably MySQL), and Perl
(5.8.6 or greater IIRC).  One of the Bugzilla systems I manage at work
takes less than 200MB of disk with about 50,000 bugs and all its
associated data (attachments, code and templates included).  Bugzilla
has a tremendous reporting system and doing the queries you discussed in
your email 2-3 hours after this one are all well covered.  Users can
sign themselves up for Bugzilla if it is configured to allow it and it
now includes fairly good support for receiving emailed bug reports.

I strongly encourage giving it a try on your own system first.  Please
let me know if you need help.


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