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> [wsimpson - Fri Dec 07 10:58:13 2007]:
> Christian Knoke wrote:
> > A vertical resize could be avoided if you move the minimap to the top.
> > 
> I don't understand this comment.  The minimap is already on the top here.

True, though that is configurable.

> It makes sense to split the lines, there is plenty of vertical space.

Problem is if the number of lines is not constant then that causes
whatever is below to be shifted up or down and that is slow as well.

> Marko already had some recent code to add an extra line for SDL.  That
> whole function could be re-thought a bit for all clients!

Formatting of the text should really be up to the GUI and not enforced
by the common code.  Although line height is constant and having a fixed
number of lines is a reasonable limitation, character width is likely
not to be constant and requiring a specific width is not viable.

Then again we have one proposed patch which instituted a line
wrap...which would again cause the number of lines to vary, creating a
vertical resize problem.

I stand by my claim that the proper solution is that the widget should
auto-resize to be larger but never to be smaller.  I find it hard to
believe GTK cannot be easily configured for this, though vasco seemed to
think that was the case and that intercepting the signal was the only
solution.  Even if this were done there might still be some translation
issues as there is no real upper bound on how long a "line" might be.

An alternative might be to embed this widget into a scrollable frame. 
Then if it exceeds the size rather than resizing the container it will
just add scrollbars.  Not perfect but surely better than the current system.


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