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> SaveGame compression 0 (none) reverted back to compression 6 when Leaving & 
> Loading a savegame, i would expect, especially since i did not Quit, that my 
> save games would continue to have the same same compression level set in the 
> Server options beforehand, however this is not so...
I've not run into this before, but that probably occurs because the entire
game is reloaded from scratch, all the rulesets and everything.

You probably never noticed, but when the server is started, it loads the
(default) ruleset, and when you connect the first time, sends a copy.

Then, when the game is loaded, another entire ruleset is reloaded, too,
and another copy is sent to you.

(Actually, another copy is sent during the load, and another copy is sent
immediately after the load.  And some things are sent several times.  See
PR#39579.  I'm working on it, but fixing too many crashing bugs, so it's
hard to work on improvements.)

There have been some requests for savable server options, but that's
pretty far in the future.  It requires new UI and commands and packets.
Since it's been requested for more than 5 years, obviously it's not easy.

I will take a look at this specific issue.  It shouldn't throw that away.

> Stderr.txt says this: 
> 2: Old attributes detected and removed.
We all see this, something completely different.  The attributes are
something nobody understands from the CMA, not well documented, and
treated as opaque bit-blobs.  (See PR#39576.)

The problem is that sometimes they are bad, with wrong version fields,
and incorrect lengths, and random idiosyncrasies, so the server cannot
even save and reload them.  So we throw them away.  We even get "old"
attributes in 2.1.1 itself!

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