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William Allen Simpson wrote:

> The problem here is the user has set the setting, and IN THE SAME
> SESSION the setting is overwritten on the next load command.  This
> should be easily fixable.  I'm looking.

Are you sure it's the same server session?  From the description it 
sounded to me like he left the game then loaded a new game.  This means 
the server was launched anew and all server settings would be restored 
to their defaults, pending the load.

The compress level is no more of a client setting than the savename, 
which is also saved in the savegame.  It is, in fact, a server setting. 
  Having it controlled by the client is possible but I don't see this as 
any more desirable than for the client to control the default values for 
all the other server settings (easy enough with /read and /write if they 
were given an interface at the client).


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