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GKT2 Client GUI > Diplomacy (go there from F6?), see uploaded graphic to

Um, not a Feature is really my guess, since if i close the pre-existing
Diplomacy Tab from earlier turns and re-open such a Diplomacy Tab in
this turn the CORRECT Gold amounts are presented.  

So, i do not know how things are kept hidden or secret in multi-player
mode(s), therefore i do not experience this as a *feature*, more like a
non-feature or if things are meant to be refreshed a bug, or a good
reason not to keep those tabs open in the GUI (not my choice), or at
least to warn in the tabs that data is from Turn# so-and-so...\

Then we get both features by having the warning to remind the user to do
a Tab refresh to update old data that may be kept for historical reasons...

Hey, Really Great Game, hope all this helps!
Cheers, =)

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