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? wrote:
> I wish to add that i would like to see at least some messages if
> something overrides my own settings.  There may be a simple & great way
> to resolve and fix this issue!
Sorry, I've been staring at this for some time now, and no simple fixes.

I was wrong and Jason was right.  For 2.1, the only way is going to be in
the savegame (and until I've written and tested, I'm not sure that will
work, either).  The pieces are too scattered.

I've written two different patches, and neither of them works for Leaving
and Loading.  In 2.1, reloading always loads the game, and then rulesets,
and then settings, and sends the game.info, and that wipes out the changes

I can get them to survive a single load, but not leaving and reloading.

The underlying problem is that this game was designed for a separate
server, with a "read" command loading the settings, and a "write" command
saving them at the server.  The clients are displays (not controllers).

The options are grafted onto the GTK2 client (not all clients), without a
consistent design.  Several folks have consolidated and improved things,
but it's not cohesive.

Some things are particularly problematic, such as the "rulesetdir" command,
instead of "set ruleset"!

As I said before, there are requests going back 5 years for client savable
server settings.  If it were easy, it would have been done already....

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