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> [wsimpson - Sun Dec 02 14:56:26 2007]:
> Yes for 2.1 -- this used to work correctly.  How did something this
> get overlooked?  (By habit, I've always built on the coasts.)
> OTOH, I didn't remember Hoover near mountains and rivers in civ1 (or
> but then it's been a long time....  Good idea!

Just played through a game of Civ2 (Multiplayer Gold Edition, to be
exact) to confirm a few rule details in the original. Found out the

*Lighthouse/Magellan does not require ocean terrain.
*Hoover does not require river. (Hydro Plant does require river, OTOH.)

I still think they are good reqs for the wonders, so I introduce them in
default but not in civ1 and civ2.

While scanning through buildings.ruleset for civ1 and civ2 I found a
host of building reqs that had been incorrectly removed. This patch also
restores these reqs as I have confirmed that they are in place in the

Patch for 2.1.


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