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Forwarding a batch of i18n issues from the mailing list, leaving out
some unrelated stuff.

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From: Sini Ruohomaa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Dec 8, 2007 9:25 AM
Subject: [Freeciv-i18n] Finnish translation to upload to trunk & stables



By the way, could we get an up-to-date freeciv.pot somewhere on the wiki
or in the svn po directory again? One less than a month old would be ok,
downloading the entire source is just rather a waste of sever bandwidth
and random translation update time. ;) I think we maybe used to have
translation status somewhere, or maybe that was just the Launchpad
Ubuntu translation which doesn't seem to be there anymore. (The Freeciv
I've gotten from Ubuntu does have some vaguely unfamiliar translations
that might originate from the Launchpad translation project though.)

I logged some things that might want internationalization bugs filed on
them below, feel free to do what you want with them. There seems to be a
general problem with starting sentences in the middle of a msgstr with a
%s that English wants to have capitalized (e.g. "English") and Finnish
and other languages want to have in non-caps in any mid-sentence
position ("englantilaisten"). We need some kind of capitalize-string
parameter for %ss in gettext! (%^s or something.)

--Sini returns to the other world now

#: client/gui-sdl/helpdlg.c:1001
msgid "( with "

#: client/gui-sdl/helpdlg.c:1004
msgid " )"

#: client/gui-sdl/mapctrl.c:1589
msgid "or"

Don't split strings like this, and provide more context!

#: client/gui-sdl/mapview.c:884
msgid "Press"

I guess this is like "Press Enter". Shouldn't it be Press %s? A
translator comment to not confuse this with the press would be nice.

#: client/gui-sdl/menu.c:1066
#, c-format
msgid "Form Traderoute with %s ( %d R&G + %d trade ) (R)"

R&G, (R)? Translator comments.

#: client/gui-sdl/menu.c:1087
msgid "Cut Down to"

Translator comment.

#: client/gui-sdl/repodlgs.c:1527
#, c-format
msgid ""
"We have %d of %s\n"
"(total value is : %d)\n"
"We can sell %d of them for %d gold."

%d of what? Translator comment.

#: client/gui-sdl/spaceshipdlg.c:142
#, c-format
msgid "%s's SpaceShip"

If internationalizers find themselves using 's genetives (and they do,
quite a bit), it means we need a real separate genetive in rulesets.
Most languages can't use "'s" for that meaning.

#: client/gui-sdl/wldlg.c:1386
#, c-format
msgid "%d gold per turn"

Should have plural handling. wldlg.c also has a series of %s%d%s%d%ss
which have no explanation. Can't really translate them to anything else
than whatever the original is with this information.

#: data/civ1/game.ruleset:98 data/civ2/game.ruleset:98
#: data/default/game.ruleset:126
msgid "Team 0"
up to Team 31... Why, oh why? (Getting all these obsoleted eventually is
going to be almost as depressing as getting 32 messages unfuzzed by
putting numbers into these strings.)

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