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> #: data/civ1/game.ruleset:98 data/civ2/game.ruleset:98
> #: data/default/game.ruleset:126
> msgid "Team 0"
> ...
> up to Team 31... Why, oh why? (Getting all these obsoleted eventually is
> going to be almost as depressing as getting 32 messages unfuzzed by
> putting numbers into these strings.)
I understand why the old names were changed to numbers:

(PR#13145) completely new design for teams
(PR#13689) put team names in the ruleset

I disagree with Per recently change from 1 through 32 (to 0 through 31),
but have done my part to clean up afterward.

(PR#39343) 2.1.0-beta4 team numbers
(PR#39773) [Clean Up] Team number

It would have been easier to change the programming index to subtract 1.
Most humans don't assign things starting from 0!

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