I've co-operated with the current Finnish (fi.po) translator Sini
Ruohomaa to have also a translation update for the 2.1 branch, and I
would like to have it for the 2.1.2. The current version in SVN lacks
many important translations like main menu etc.

http://rt.freeciv.org/ pointed me to here ("Ask on the mailing list,
on the forums, or on the irc channel."). I also tried asking for the
account on IRC on Friday and now on Monday, but I have not gotten any
reply. I may also deliver the new 2.1-branch fi.poup otherwise,
whatever way is possible for you.

I'm among else translator of Pidgin
(http://developer.pidgin.im/l10n/fi.po) and many GNOME applications if
you need any additional achievements or such from a new person
contributing translations.


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