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Also ugly.  And you're certainly right that the way it's handled now
is bad.  This could be fixed by a PL-like constructor:

PL_("%d idea", "%d ideas", nideas)

printf(AT_("%s's %s in %s", "%s's %s near %s", "%s's %s outside %s",
"%s's %s at %s", ptile),

The AT_ function therefore returns a translated version of whichever
string is appropriate.  With no support in gettext itself this
basically just means there's 4 different sentences to be translated.

Not sure if we can get gettext to recognize strings within AT_ to be
translated or if they just need to be marked with Q_.  Also I'm not
sure the difference in at() and in(), easy enough to account for.

Of course this will greatly change the strings involved and shouldn't
be done for 2.1 unless the current strings give significantly bad


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