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I'm sorry, I wasn't sufficiently clear.  This should be eliminated
entirely!  I'm an American, and therefore not polyglot, but I've sung
music in enough languages and written enough software to know this is
completely unworkable.

In some language families, finno-ugric comes to mind, prepositions are
part of the word.  We'd have to create strings in every language for
every possible permutation of every object.

In this case, the object itself (the city name) is not even translated!

I've worked with software in the past where %A does automatic article
addition, allowing translators to specify them for each object.  That's
hard enough....

The answer here has already been implemented.  The city is passed with
the message, and the message window has a nice button to take you to
the location (Goto _Location).

I was just going to remove all the %s%s, as I don't think it requires
any translator action.

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