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As I'm trying to re-write the initial login code for 2.2, the poor usage
of messages struck me.  These messages are translated at the server, and
then stuck into a packet, but then used at the client in another
translated message!

In these instances, there is a message in the join and authentication
packets.  Say this is a German server.  The messages about capabilities
are translated into German.  Then, the Chinese client translates the
message.  For example, _("You were rejected from the game: %s") with %s
already translated to German!

I've spent an awful lot of time in the past 6 months fixing indiscriminate
use of translation in log messages (and lack of translation on others).
This is another wrinkle.

There are other examples throughout the code.  In a particularly egregious
abuse of the chat system, diplomacy messages are translated at the server.
This defeats the entire purpose of client internationalization....

I'm only going to try to fix the login sequence anytime soon.  The rest
will have to wait....

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