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Version:  Freeciv 2.1.1 

Client crash bug 1: (SDL AND GTK)
   During the end-of-turn processing, you can still click on things on the
screen.  Have a long list on the message window from the last turn.  Before
this list is refreshed at the beginning of the next turn, double-click one of
the messages near the bottom, which would normally take you to a city or unit. 
If the message list on the next turn is shorter, this will trigger an assertion
failure.  I think messages in the queue should be quietly discarded when the
message window is cleared.

Client reporting bug 1: (SDL) - This appears to work as expected for GTK
   I have researched all tech and I am working on Future Tech.  One of my units
encounters a hut and the report is:
        Learned Future Tech 2.  Researching Future Tech 3.
        You found Future Tech 3 in ancient scrolls of wisdom.
   I had been researching Future Tech 2.  The research is now Future Tech 3. 
It looks like the second line is reporting one tech level too high.

I have not tested these with version 2.1.2 yet.

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