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A few strings in need of TRANS comments:

#: server/citytools.c:546
msgid "%s %s lost in transfer to %s %s"

#: server/cityturn.c:864
msgid "The %s worklist is now empty."

#: server/unithand.c:892
msgid "Your %s survived the pathetic attack from the %s %s."

#: server/unithand.c:900
msgid "Your attacking %s failed against the %s %s!"

#: client/gui-sdl/diplodlg.c:1298
msgid "%s incident !"

#: client/gui-gtk-2.0/repodlgs.c:934 client/gui-win32/repodlgs.c:694
msgid "U"

#: manual/civmanual.c:195
msgid ""
"%s%s  -  %s%s\n"


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