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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> ... the legit question of
> whether the Catalonia described in our ruleset existed in the middle
> ages or not. ...
The exact boundaries and title changed from time to time.  This article has
been around for a couple of years, and survived a couple of edit wars:


Apparently, it didn't merge with Aragon until 1137 CE, the result of
"wedding" a two-year-old princess.  That tells us there were separate
dynasties, meeting our criteria.


In September 2005, the Parliament of Catalonia approved the definition of
Catalonia as a nation in the preamble of the new Statute of Autonomy,
approved in referendum on June 18, 2006.  This meets our other criteria.

On this side of the pond, the idea that Freeciv (spanning all of history)
should reflect historically tiny adjustments of boundaries and titles
(lasting about 2 game turns) is fairly amusing.  There is no question that
the region, language, and culture called (in English) Catalan existed for
many centuries (and still exists).

I agree with your reply:

   If you miss the Castellans and Aragonese in Freeciv, feel free to write
   the nationsets and draw the flags and submit to the issue tracking system.

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