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Joan Creus wrote:
> So, what does the ruleset mean, historically?: the part of the Crown of
> Aragon settled by Catalan-speaking people (the three maritime kingdoms:
> Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands), who have thus the same
> cultural background. If we added Aragonese cities (and cities like Naples,
> Athens, and so on), we could have a perfectly valid "Crown of Aragon"
> ruleset, that would reflect the possessions of these kings (who, again, were
> based in Catalonia). Nothing against that.
The Crown of a Aragon was more of a loose empire than a nation.  I'm against
that for the same reason that we don't include all of Greece, Persia, Egypt,
etc. in the Romans.  And wouldn't include all of Greece, Persia, Egypt, etc.
in Macedonian (even though Philip of Macedon conquered them all).  And we
shouldn't include Baghdad in American, either.... :-)

If somebody puts together Aragonese and Castellan, let's keep them to the
actual Aragonese and Castellan cultural areas.

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