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On Jan 6, 2008 12:47 PM, William Allen Simpson
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> William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > Which ones?  Do they speak Catalan?  How did they end up speaking
> > Catalan without ever being part of Catalonia?  Autonomous colonies?
> >
> To clarify my question, our current rule is:
>    An _ancient_ or _medieval_ nation may list any city that it at some
>    point controlled.
> For the purposes of this ticket, I opine that it is OK for historically
> Catalan-speaking cities to be included, as former Catalan colonies,
> whether founded under the Principality or a larger Empire ("Crown").

I understand. But... if we were to keep catalan.ruleset as medieval,
it would necessarily refer to the Principality of Catalonia, so the only
cities it could contain would be the ones from Catalonia proper,
Catalonia Nord and perhaps the Franja Ponent (see my previous post).
Valencia and Majorca were never part of the principality, nor were
colonies in the strict sense, so they can't be included if this is the
criteria to be used (nor Andorra, an independent entity).

Miguel Farah

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