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> And then's the Sardinian city of Alghero (L'Alguer), which was resettled in
> the 14th century by catalans.
Cool.  Try what I did for Illyrian, adding dates and alternative names:

   "Scodra (hills, plains, river, !ocean)",     ;-400 42:04N 19:30E
   ; |Scutari|Shkodra|Shkoder

(If I were doing it today, I'd make that 3 lines instead, for readability.)

> Finally, Andorra (a catalan speaking country), doesn't have any cities
> represented in the ruleset (Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria, Encamp
> and Soldeu could be added).
Under our rules, sounds like they should!  They must have been controlled
or colonized by Catalans in the past.  As mentioned earlier, it's OK for
the same city to be in multiple nations.  Dates of founding and alternative
names would be good here, too.

If somebody adds Andorran, can have it as a civil-war nation for Catalan.

> According to catalan nationalists, in order for a city or county or whatever
> to be a part of the Països Catalans, it must be a catalan-speaking area.
Well, this isn't a political organization.  We're more interested in using
historical information to make the game itself interesting!  We should
include formerly catalan-speaking areas, too, not only modern ones....

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