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> I understand. But... if we were to keep catalan.ruleset as medieval,
> it would necessarily refer to the Principality of Catalonia, so the only
> cities it could contain would be the ones from Catalonia proper,
> Catalonia Nord and perhaps the Franja Ponent (see my previous post).

(heavy sigh) No, apparently you don't understand.  We don't distinguish
between the Roman Republic and Empire, in our current rulesets.

> Valencia and Majorca were never part of the principality, nor were
> colonies in the strict sense, so they can't be included if this is the
> criteria to be used (nor Andorra, an independent entity).
There's no specific guideline, but we don't include Egyptian cities in the
Roman.ruleset, even though they conquered Egypt, because the Egyptian people
didn't become Roman citizens.

We don't include the Philippine cities in American.ruleset, even though they
conquered the Philippines, because the Philippines never "became" American.

Apparently, Valencians, Majorcans, Andorrans et alia "became" Catalan.  And
still speak something recognizably Catalan many hundreds of years later.
Not even the Roman Empire can claim that!

Those cities belong.

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