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Joan Creus wrote:
> ... yes, there is no reason not to have Andorran cities in the
> ruleset, although Andorra has always been independent, as far as I know.
> They speak Catalan because it's what was spoken in their area, not because
> any one conquered or settled them.
To be honest, on this side of the pond, we only know that Andorra is one of
the few remaining micro-states over there.  But they do seem to have been
both conquered and settled repeatedly (long ago).

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Andorra they speak
Catalan because they were conquered back in 8th century, were ruled by
catalans (the Count of Urgell, Bishop of Urgell, the Lord of Caboet), and
were briefly annexed to the Crown of Aragon twice, in 1396 and 1512.

It's interesting that many of the local toponyms are Iberian-Basque.

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