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> We basically agree. I think the key here is the definition of "medieval" and
> "catalan". As I understand, "medieval" in Freeciv is used for "a nation that
> existed at some time, but isn't independent nowadays". Since there isn't a
> "cultural" category (after all, culture and language is what all these
> cities have in common), "medieval" is the closest we have.
>  And, indeed, during the Middle Ages these cities formed a nation (at least
> culturally, and, to some degree, also politically). Sure, there are a few
> cities in the ruleset that are not Catalan, but the King of the Crown of
> Aragon, who happened to live in Barcelona, ruled them. And the language
> spoken there is Catalan or some variant of it (I don't like the word
> "dialect" because it implies some hierarchy among different variants)

Er... that's kinda the point of contention: what exactly does catalan.ruleset
represent? The Counties/Principality/Region/Autonomy of Catalonia, the
crown of Aragon, or the Països Catalans?

It's an important question to determine, because the ruleset name and
the first few definition point towards the first, the "medieval" moniker
points to the second, and the city list (as currently exists) points to
the third, explicitly so.

The city list would be pretty useful for a ruleset for the Crown of
Aragon, provided that cities from Aragon (Kingdom/Region/Autonomy)
are added (Huesca, Zaragoza, Teruel, Sos, Jaca, etcétera).

BTW, I had an idea that might be good or might be utter crap. Joan
rightly states that grouping the current catalan ruleset as "fictional",
as I proposed, is too drastic. So, how about creating a new category,
"political" or something like that, for rulesets that describe
non-independent countries that some people/parties want to create?
Països Catalans would be a natural fit for this, as would be a kurdistan

Miguel Farah

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