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On Jan 6, 2008 1:44 PM, William Allen Simpson
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> > I understand. But... if we were to keep catalan.ruleset as medieval,
> > it would necessarily refer to the Principality of Catalonia, so the only
> > cities it could contain would be the ones from Catalonia proper,
> > Catalonia Nord and perhaps the Franja Ponent (see my previous post).
> (heavy sigh) No, apparently you don't understand.  We don't distinguish
> between the Roman Republic and Empire, in our current rulesets.

Yeah, I understand. The point is that the current catalan.ruleset contains
cities that are not catalan (as in "part of Catalunya") and have never been
so (cities from the Kingdom/Region/Autonomy of Valencia, etc.). They're
there because they would form part of the "Països Catalans" that some
catalan nationalists advocate.

> Apparently, Valencians, Majorcans, Andorrans et alia "became" Catalan.  And

Not exactly. Catalans resettled Valencia and the Balearic Islands. So it's
more like catalans became valencians and majorcans.

> still speak something recognizably Catalan many hundreds of years later.
> Not even the Roman Empire can claim that!
> Those cities belong.

Not really... the disctintion between Catalonia and the concept of
Països Catalans
needs to be made.

Miguel Farah

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