I have created an (incomplete) rough inital draft of a design document
for the S2_2 integrated map editor:


This was done so that
1. The tasks needed to get the editor ready for use could more easily
be ascertained.
2. Contributors working on the editor and future users will have a common,
easily accessible place to view and post their design ideas.
3. Documentation could more easily be written in the future.
4. I do not have to post a radical, gigantic, all-modifying patch that you
would find difficult to evaluate and test.
5. Small, incremental patchs can be submitted and understood based on the
goals in the document.

I have written only the draft of the first of six major sections,
though it is likely
the most feature-descriptive section (others tend to be more implementation
related), and will write more as I think upon the issues, have time, and grow
more familiar with the existing work on the editor code.

Any comments and suggestions, be they about the content or the form, are of
course duly welcome.

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