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This is the same as 39991 which explains the cause.  The message click
is being dequeued after the next turn has started, meaning the message
list was already reset.  So it tries to activate message 5 (say) but the
message list is of length 0.

There needs to either be a check for this case (including the turn # in
the queued event, assuming the turn is incremented at the same time the
message queue is cleared, and assuming that's even possible which in the
GTK case it may not be), or we could allow it by tracking old messages
(keeping a message queue for each turn, say, which could then be flipped
through...and on the same note the message queue should be saved and
stored at the server end then so it will come back after a game is

Although 3991 says this is a problem under GTK and SDL on further
thought I'm dubious it could happen in the GTK event system.


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