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> [wsimpson - Tue Jan 15 17:28:03 2008]:
> Jason Short wrote:
> > I'd really like a savegame from which this can be reproduced.
> > 
> What's wrong with the two existing savegames they've already provided?

Indeed, I missed the first savegame.  For some reason I thought it was
the same as the second savegame which directly implies that it cannot be
used to reproduce the problem.

> Yes, it is triggered for ground units.  Apparently, you're the one who
> added the bad assert() because you didn't properly study the code.
> [I just didn't say so publicly until now.  I was trying to be polite.]

Obviously I'm the one who added the assert.  It was intended to catch
the situation where the invariant is broken.  Which it has done. 
Nonetheless it was probably added by mistake as such checks are normally
done with a CHECK_* macro (though that may not have been around back
then) and it wasn't included in the last patch from RT.

> I'm using the two savegames to test my work, and I'll post the patch
> after they've been tested on both 2.1 and 2.2!

Great, I'll leave you to it then.


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