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William Allen Simpson kirjoitti:
> As you wish.  


> But I'll note that an awful lot of recent 2.1 strings are now
> in the #~ section:
> #~ msgid "%d content before penalty."
> #~ msgid_plural "%d content before penalty."
> Maybe they'll be fixed by another update-po before 2.1.3 release....

If I do update-po in the latest 2.1 branch svn version, at least that
specific string goes to the #~ section in also other translations. I
looked at a specific example of tr.po that was recently updated and had
eg. the translation for that one.

Anyway, the statistics look good for the fi translation, also after
running update-po and intltool-update. It was worse before, and I know
there are still some important strings untranslated (and then a good
amount of help texts).



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