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I cannot load saved games using custom ruleset where "tech_leakage" is
set to a value other than '0' in game.ruleset. 

Editing game.ruleset so that tech_leakage is zero will allow loading of
old game even though it was started with a different tech_leakage value

Ubuntu 7.10
Gnome 2.20.1
freeciv 2.1.2

gdb result:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x080faf60 in get_invention (pplayer=0x8272128, tech=1) at tech.c:72

There are several other changes in the custom ruleset, but no problems
occur as long as tech_leakage is zero. 

I also duplicated the problem using a copy of the default ruleset with
only tech_leakage altered. 

Chris Williams

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