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Thank you for the helpful savegame!

Here's where it currently dies in S2_1:

0: nation_of_player() has NULL nation
0: Detected fatal error in nation.c line 259:
0: bad nation

This is a crash trying to display a logging message -- nation_of_player()
is only used in freelog() messages.


Here's where it currently dies in S2_2 (has a lot more parameter checking):

player.c:293: failed assertion `pplayer'

0   civserver   0x0006a1b4 player_number + 0x18 (player.c:295)
1   civserver   0x00032014 make_contact + 0x34 (plrhand.c:1167)
2   civserver   0x00032568 maybe_make_contact + 0x22c (plrhand.c:1242)
3   civserver   0x0004e0dc move_unit + 0x738 (unittools.c:2837)
4   civserver   0x0005c328 unit_move_handling + 0x57c (unithand.c:1331)
5   civserver   0x000d5dcc ai_unit_move + 0x2a4 (aitools.c:1047)
6   civserver   0x000d40b8 ai_unit_execute_path + 0xb0 (aitools.c:221)
7   civserver   0x000d48f4 ai_follow_path + 0x48 (aitools.c:411)
8   civserver   0x000d4b1c ai_unit_goto_constrained + 0x14c (aitools.c:484)
9   civserver   0x000d52c8 ai_unit_goto + 0x60 (aitools.c:814)
10  civserver   0x000d461c ai_gothere + 0x1e8 (aitools.c:342)
11  civserver   0x000dac20 ai_military_attack + 0x1ec (aiunit.c:1755)
12  civserver   0x000dba78 ai_manage_military + 0x2e0 (aiunit.c:2079)
13  civserver   0x000dc2e4 ai_manage_unit + 0x46c (aiunit.c:2261)
14  civserver   0x000dc6e8 ai_manage_units + 0x17c (aiunit.c:2362)

Merely adding some more logging in maybe_make_contact() gave it enough time
for the server freelog() messages to be flushed without a crash:

1: Failed sanity check at Grassland (50, 28): map_get_player_site(ptile, 
tile_owner(ptile)) != NULL (sanitycheck.c:173)

And the client Message panel now says:
   The Indians are no more!

But the client Nations (F3) tab still shows Indians....


My WAG is there are still unsupported Indian units in the field, or an
Indian city hasn't been properly removed, and another player made first
contact with them.  The nation death isn't being properly propagated (as
seen on the Nation screen).

This is a serious bug, but will take a *lot* of effort to track.

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