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On Wed, 16 Jan 2008 Jorge Vieira wrote:

> Cheers.
> My name is Jorge Vieira and i'm editor in chief of Hype!, a Portuguese
> videogames magazine.
> The magazine has an print run of 30.000 copies, 22.000 of them including 1
> covermount DVD with full games, demos, software and other materials related
> to the videogames universe.
> We would like to know if you give us permission to include Freeciv in our
> DVD. We think our readers would appreciate this action and you could also
> benefit from the attention.

There was a discussion about sources on the same disk and the result was
fixed in

You also may contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] (but I think it will give
the same result)

Hope this helps.

Egor Vyscrebentsov,
  as one of Freeciv Development team

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