Good daytime!

In some languages (f.e. russian) there are 4 genders for adjectives.
For example:
Polish territory - польская (polskaya) территория;
Polish diplomat - польский (polskiy) дипломат;
polish unit - польское (polskoye) соединение;
Polish musketeers - польские (polskiye) мушкетёры.

Is there any possibility to allow to use all of them?
(I think that this require new X_() macro and convention about number
of genders in *.nation. I'm afraid this problem couldn't be solved
by gettext now...)

PS. A long time ago i tried to wrote a proof of solution that used
gettext plurals. It was very ugly and ineffective...

PPS. I don't speak about cases, those case is really a monster.

Thanks, evyscr

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