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> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40031 >

> Shaun Cummings wrote:
> > Freeciv 2.1.2 Stable Release (from pre-built Windows binary download)
> > 
> Which one?  win32?  gtk2?  sdl?

Sorry, I actually meant to include the file name - the answer would be GTK2:  
Freeciv-2.1.2-win32-gtk2-setup.exe.  For what it's worth (which is probably not 
much in this situation), I also forgot to specify that this machine is running 
the x64 version of Vista.

> Thank you for your unusual example layout, the M$windows screen setup has
> been a perennial problem.

A minor annoyance ... seems like window management on OSS stuff is frequently a 
little bit off on Windows.

P.S. - Bonus points for the lightning fast response (imagine if those who get 
paid for doing this were as good).

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