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Richard H_ wrote:
> I had a worker standing on a mountain next to a river, with roads and a mine. 
> upon pressin ctrl+shift+i, in stead of ignoring the keycombo, the client 
> segfaulted.

> ... Been having a lot of crashes lately... including the intelligence-bug 
> that crept up quite a bit more often than I'd normally think...
Assuming we're talking about the same thing, should be fixed (for client) in
release 2.1.3 today. (PR#40021)

> Finally, the bug tracker does not let me login as guest with the listed nick 
> + password. whether i capitalize the first G or not.
Yes, we have trouble with RT.

I like email better anyway, it's easier to send savegames and patches....

And we don't have all those unnamed reporters that we cannot contact!

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