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Christian Knoke wrote:
> log messages shouldn't be translated at all. They go into a log file, the
> user won't see them, usually. They go there for 2 purposes: development and
> bug hunting, and scripting. For both, they are best in english.
Actually, LOG_FATAL, LOG_ERROR, and LOG_NORMAL are also displayed to users.
It's a fairly sophisticated system, somebody did some nice work here!

For the server, as a response to loading files, finding/failing installation,
or various user commands, the output is displayed translated.  For the client,
some similar information is displayed in the "Chat" window.

There's a minimal amount of direction in doc/HACKING, and more at:

The hard part for the developer is deciding what is useful to translate.  I've
added the new LOG_* equivalents to indicate the results of that decision.

There was some debate about this in PR#39725 and elsewhere.

> Currently (at least in 2.1) there are not translated AFAICS. It would give
> unnecessary work for translators.
Actually, in 2.1 far too many are translated, particularly in gui-sdl, where
even LOG_DEBUG was routinely translated.  I've been removing unnecessary
stuff whenever I've found them.  And causing debate.

I'll do some more checking LOG_ERROR and LOG_FATAL, and post a revised patch.

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