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Jason Short wrote:
> Patch is fine but the comment is a bit misleading - generally the
> returned value is passed off to GTK which wants it in UTF-8 (aka the
> internal encoding).  When used in the server this may not be the case.
Changed comment to:
+  The string is converted as necessary from the local_encoding
+  to internal_encoding, for inclusion in translations.  May be
+  subsequently converted back to local_encoding for display.

Even in the server, it will *always* be passed to either freelog() or some
other *my* variant of printf().  ALL OF THEM need to use internal encoding,
not some other encoding.  Otherwise, we'd have a lot more bug reports.

Anything else -- bare printf() to stderror -- is a bug.  Unfortunately,
there are ~170 bare printf remaining, mostly in gui-sdl, gui-ftwl, and lua.
Oh well, another bug for another ticket (each).

Anyway, since it's confirmed:

Committed S2_1 revision 14342.
Committed S2_2 revision 14343.
Committed trunk revision 14344.

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