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On Jan 23, 2008 11:21 AM, Christian Knoke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> William Allen Simpson wrote on Jan 23, 04:01 (-0800):
> > Martin Rubinstein wrote:
> > > When saving, (playing standalone, all other players AI), data appears to 
> > > be lost.
> > > Latest time government type reverted to Despotism from Monarchy
> >
> > You mean the government was Monarchy at the beginning of the turn and
> > changed to Despotism?  How do I reproduce?  Please attach before and after
> > savegames to your reply.
> This usually happens when the client dies. Then the server continues to run
> for a short time, aitoggles the human player and produces a last all AI
> savegame. This appears in top of the savegame list when you restart the
> client. Since AI switches often government to despotism, thats what you'll
> find.
> At least this is my wild guess ;-)

That does seem likely.

Unfortunately I don't seem to get this behavior anymore, though people
keep reporting its symptoms.  Every time I kill my client the server
saves the game properly, without aitoggling the human.


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