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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> Unfortunately I don't seem to get this behavior anymore, though people
> keep reporting its symptoms.  Every time I kill my client the server
> saves the game properly, without aitoggling the human.
That supposedly was fixed, although I cannot find the PR# or the commit....

common/game.h:297:  #define GAME_DEFAULT_AUTO_AI_TOGGLE  FALSE

Martin Rubinstein wrote:
#  a) How do I set autosave to each turn.  (It is hidden in the easy 

It's documented several ways, have you tried the extensive Help menus?

The easiest is typing /saveturns 1 in the Chat command line.

For the 2.1 GTK2 gui, you'll find it under menu Game -> Server Options ->
Internal -> saveturns ("Turns per auto-save")

#  b) Is there any easy way of saving a list of further options, for use at 
each load.

There are several ways, have you tried Game -> Save Options?

And while you are looking at Game -> Server Options, you might check the
value of Network -> autotoggle ("Whether AI-status toggles with connection")

We're speculating that you accidentally set it to On?

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