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Jason Short wrote:
> Saving and loading doesn't generally give identical AI behavior so if
> this is caused by AI units moving or something then you won't get the
> same behavior from the savegame most likely.
I've argued about this before (PR#39365), and it damn well SHOULD!

I've spent a fair amount of time getting 2.1 to be reproducible, by
checking and saving all myrand() states.  Time to do again for 2.2!
(Necessary, but tedious.  Another ticket for another time.)

Meanwhile, this report has two problems listed.  Let's dedicate it to
solving the client issue (leaving the server issue for the next ticket):

(civclient:17913): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_progress_set_percentage: assertion
`percentage >= 0 && percentage <= 1.0' failed
2: Verbindung zum Server verloren!

The civclient.c line number is bogus, there are currently 807 lines.

The log message is merely:

#: client/clinet.c:143 client/clinet.c:144
msgid "Lost connection to server!"
msgstr "Verbindung zum Server verloren!"

So, how is gtk_progress_set_percentage() called?

There's no direct reference anywhere in the code, and nothing seems relevant
in clinet.c at all!  It's probably unrelated.

Anybody out there understand the GTK2 client enough to track this down?

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