It seems that through various versions of Freeciv, the
behavior of 
specials squares when they were terraformed has been
changed.  I propose 
that one could choose from a list of possible
behaviors when setting up 
the game, rather than taking the option out of the
game creator's 
hands.  This could be done as a server setting, and it
would be simple 
to re-implement the old settings, but what would be
ideal would be 
putting a *large* range of options available as a
setting.  Here is an example of how I would describe
various options:

1.) It rerolls whether or not there is a special
whenever the land type 
is changed, and the new special will always be
appropriate to the land 
type, even if land is changed to water or vice versa
2.) The special simply stays, but land specials always
stay on land, and 
if it is changed to water, it goes away, and water
specials can never be 
on land
3.) It changes to whichever tier of special is
appropriate for the new 
land type, (ie, so if you change a land special to
swamp, it will either 
be peat or spice, depending on wcich "side" the
special was on) (of 
course, if land is changed to water or vice versa, the
special goes away)
4.) It changes an existing special to a random special
of the 
appropriate type (so if you changed a plains/wheat to
swamp, it would 
have a 50/50 chance of being peat or spice) (of
course, if land is 
changed to water or vice versa, the special goes
5.) when the special is changed to another type of
terrain, the special 
is always removed.
6.) Like 3, but water specials stay
7.) like 4, but water specials stay

This would allow people to customize the utility of
specials in game, which expands gameplay options.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Also, I have
attempted to send 
this request before, but I haven't been able to.  Thanks!

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