Jonathan Kaplan wrote:
> ...  but what would be
> ideal would be putting a *large* range of options available as a 
> user-controlled setting.  

Shudder.  That's horrible.  How do you test?

Remember, this has to handle civ1/2/3-like games, so civ1 Swamp resource
Oil has to turn into civ2 Peat, and then civ3 Oil again, depending on the
*same* game loading a different ruleset.  Likewise, Tundra, Desert, etc.
All while the terrain is irrigated/mined/transformed.

The reason that the old Freeciv behaviors were changed it that the code
didn't actually work well -- Fish on land, etc.

There were long discussions.  The best path to correct code was "hiding"
the resource whenever wrong for the terrain.  It has the added advantage
that after cutting down trees, and building a road, reforesting gives back
the Game....  Just like they teach in natural resources classes!

> 1.) It rerolls whether or not there is a special whenever the land type 
> is changed, and the new special will always be appropriate to the land 
> type, even if land is changed to water or vice versa

Very like civ1.  And that was changed in commercial civ2, because it leads
to bad game play.  People repeatedly change the terrain until they get the
combination they like best.

And when did cutting down a mountain ever give you a wonderful forest full
of deer, anyway?  In life, it yields a thousand year blight!

> 2.) The special simply stays, but land specials always stay on land, and 
> if it is changed to water, it goes away, and water specials can never be 
> on land

That's what was intended in 2.0, but it never worked well.  And again, the
players gamed the system, so you ended up with buffalo on grassland, etc.

The resources are "balanced" for each terrain.  Allowing them on another
terrain creates horrendous game play problems.


> Does anyone have any thoughts about this? 

Many.  But the most important thing is to get the current code well tested
before embarking on new options....

The one thing that I'd planned was new flags for persistent/exhausted
resources, so that Coal/Gold would stay after transforming a hill, but be
depleted over time.  So, "living" resources would still disappear on
terrain changes, but could replenish forever.

Anyway, these should never be "a user-controlled setting."  They need to be
in well-developed scenarios, where all the chosen features can be balanced.

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