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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> If this value is on the stack, what is right next to it that might be
> overrun in memory?
It's on the heap.  It could be anything....  I've tried swapping the name
back to front so that gets overrun instead, but still didn't see anything:

  struct vision_site {
+  char name[MAX_LEN_NAME];
    struct tile *location;              /* Cannot be NULL */
    struct player *owner;                       /* May be NULL, always check! */

@@ -122,7 +123,6 @@
    unsigned short size;

    bv_imprs improvements;
-  char name[MAX_LEN_NAME];

Thanks for looking, you found great stuff in the other reports!  Let's put
this one on hiatus until I've processed your others.

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