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On Feb 6, 2008 11:09 AM, William Allen Simpson
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40085 >
> Somebody had sent me private email bragging about his/her DoS against some
> game server, and telling me this was needed.  I didn't bother to reply.
> Anyway, per host blocking will adversely affect NATs and VPNs.  The real
> DoS problem is TCB saturation -- that this won't fix.

I doubt anyone will be adversely affected under reasonable conditions.
 However you're right about the second point; all this would block is
kiddies wanting to run 64 invocations of freeciv to block some server.

> Therefore, I oppose such an option.  The only sensible number will be the
> same as the number of players.  It's such a small number already (30)
> that it won't make any difference.

Even with a value of 30 the option could prevent some simplistic attacks.

> I've been working on a complete replacement for login (PR#39957, etc.)



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