Sorry for an email to the whole list. It's been a while, so I wasn't
sure who was best to write. And I can't use the RT ticket system for
this bug since the problem is in the system itself... :-p

I have my own account on RT. I can submit a new ticket via email (and
maybe via the web interface, but I didn't want to pollute things too much).

But I can't update tickets (my own or other people's) using either
interface. I get "Message not recorded" and "Permission Denied" using
both methods.

Maybe this is a permissions problem of some sort? If so, would someone
be able to fix them for me? It's an annoying hindrance because I'd
really like to try my hand at contributing.

For info, my account name is "jkeller" and my email address is this one

Thanks in advance!

- John

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