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Forgot to mention that although this was intended as a cleanup, it
eventually solved some annoying non-crashing bugs.  Apparently, the
civmanual was badly borked; some server tests always ran as player 0;
and nobody *really* uses the help in gui-win32:

-    helptext_tech(buf, sizeof(i), i, pitem->text);

That's passing the size of an int (usually 4), not the buf!  Rather
short helptexts. :-)

Hopefully, I've not made similar mistakes; but I admit that tediously
reviewing 900+ lines in 90+ files, it's hard to maintain concentration.

While this was originally written to fix problems in 2.1, the plethora of
crashing bugs there overshadowed this ticket.  I've only committed to 2.2,
and taken 2.1 off the version list.  It should be re-opened for any
future 2.1 releases....

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