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> [wsimpson - Sat Feb 23 18:08:32 2008]:
> The upside is a new feature: air and civilian units no longer prevent
> working a tile.  This better conforms with usual expectations.  See
> new unit_occupies_tile().
Please take care not to change gameplay rules without
leaving some method of accessing the old behaviour
(i.e. a server setting). Players expect this and are
generally very annoyed when it changes for no apparent
reason (I take a lot of flak even for inadvertently
changing shortcuts for warclient).

For example with this new behaviour it is not possible
to lay seige to a city with fighters (a fairly common
strategy, starving it in terms of shields and/or food).

And as for appealing to realism (I assume that is what
you mean by "usual expectations", if not then disregard
the following ;)), one could argue just as well that air
units scare away the peasantry/farmers (i.e. the city
tile workers), and enemy civilian units steal the tile's
resources surreptitiously. The rationalization is arbi-
trary; the effect on gameplay should generally the only
metric by which to judge feature changes and additions.
(Cf. my laborious efforts on the longturn forums arguing
against using "realism" justifications for gameplay

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