i recently spent some time on one of those programming games, you know
these games in which only ai players compete with each other. anyway
at some point i remembered my long time favorite civilization, an i
checked freeciv's website to see how things are going.

i really would like to write my own client for the game. and i very
much would like to do that in my currently favorite scripting
language. i guess it would be possible to use SWIG to make the client
api written in c available to scripting languages like python, perl or

i admit i haven't done anything with swig, because i'm no c guy, but i
worked in a lot of other languages. i sure would help to work on
something like this, if there is something i can do. i'm not able to
guess how much effort would have to be put in it, though.

maybe there already is a project like this out there. surely, i would
be glad if it were.

let me know what you think.

currently i'm not on your dev-list, so i hope this email gets through
to you and you'll recieve your replies.

best phil

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