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> [wsimpson - Mon Feb 25 03:32:06 2008]:
> Madeline Book wrote:
> > Unfortunately for you, posting a comment about a side-effect
> > of your patch does not imply that the person posting the comment
> > tested your patch. But never fear, there is PR#40113.
> > 
> Unfortunately for all of us, posting a comment about a
> side-effect of a
> patch *DOES* imply the person has tested the patch!  The policy of
> posting patches here is not just for the keyboard exercise....

Your bundled gamerule change was the only thing I was
replying to as I have made clear. It is a pity that you
continue to assume that I looked at your code in any
detail, but if it gives you such enjoyment to continue
to make this claim, who am I to correct you? ;)
> Moreover, PR#40113 is not reproducible on my machine(s).

That's a shame. Maybe you could try a little harder?
Maybe run a server one of your machines, then run a client
on another machine, and have the client connect to the
server and try to start a game? It is fairly complicated,
but I think a freeciv user should be able to accomplish

> Hopefully, you will find the problem.

I'm not sure if I am good enough! :(
But I supposed I will try, for the sake of people
running freeciv in a multiplayer context.

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