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On 04/04/2008, Madeline Book wrote:
> > [book - Thu Apr 03 22:58:49 2008]:
> >
>  > As per my off-topic comment in PR#40170, the /wall command
>  > should not be E_LOG_FATAL. A patch will be coming soon...
> And here it is. Hopefully I have not missed any trivialities. ;)

 As comment before event_type list in events.h says:

/* Add new event types to the end. Client saves message settings by
 * type number and installing new event type in between would cause
 * erronous loading of existing .civclientrc
 * When adding events to stable branch, there is risk that TRUNK
 * already has allocated next slot for something else (and has
 * new event in upper slot) */

 Make sure that message settings saved in 2.1 work correctly when
updating client to 2.2

 - ML

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