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At the start of handle_stdin_input, parse the inputline
into a vector of dynamically allocated strings (or I
suppose there could be constants MAX_LEN_ARGUMENT and
MAX_NUM_ARGUMENTS for auto arrays...).

The first element of the vector gives the command name;
in case of a comment or empty line, the vector is empty.
If the command name start with "/", it should be removed.

All elements of the vector are parsed assuming that they
may be quoted, and internal quotes must be escaped.

Unquoted arguments are separated by whitespace; quoted
arguments need not be.

Examples (quote character is "'"):

  Inputline: "# blah blah"
  Vector: (empty)

  Inputline: "/"
  Vector: [0]=""

  Inputline: "  /start   "
  Vector: [0]="start"

  Inputline: "set timeo 56  # a comment"
  Vector: [0]="set" [1]="timeo" [2]="56"

  Inputline: "metam 'some message'"
  Vector: [0]="metam" [1]="some message"

  Inputline: "/wall 'internal \'quotes\''"
  Vector: [0]="wall" [1]="internal 'quotes'"

  Inputline: "/take 'foo' 'bar baz'"
  Vector: [0]="take" [1]="foo" [2]="bar baz"

  Inputline: "'/quit'"
  Vector: [0]="quit"

  Inputline: "/'debug'"
  Vector: [0]="" [1]="debug"

  Inputline: "''a'b'''c''"
  Vector: [0]="" [1]="a" [2]="b" [3]="" [4]="c" [5]=""

  Inputline: "'"
  Vector: NULL (i.e. parse/syntax error: unterminated quote)

So a possible function signature could be:

  string_vector *parse_inputline(const char *inputline, char *errbuf, 
int errbuflen);

where errbuf could be used to give a helpful description
and explanation of any error encountered.

Now when the full command name is looked up, the first argument
is replaced by it. Similarly, the *_command functions should
replace partial arguments with the full strings. So for example

  [0]="se" [1]="timeo" [2]="120"


  [0]="set" [1]="timeout" [2]="120"

so that when the command line is echoed back or presented in a
vote, it is clear what is happening. Thus commands would need
to changed to something like

  bool foo_command(string_vector *args, bool check);

though perhaps some care would need to be taken not to re-
replace arguments needlessly the second time around (i.e.
when check is FALSE)...


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